Plasma shower
Plasma shower allows you to disinfect the skin without the use of drugs, while simultaneously stimulating local immunity and increasing its own protective potential of the skin, temporary destabilization of the stratum corneum after treatment with a plasma shower makes it possible to improve skin penetration without damaging its barrier structures. None of the known hardware methods have such a set of clinical effects.

Thus, the procedure allows you to provide an active rejuvenating effect, to perform a therapeutic treatment of any skin damage, including acne, psoriasis, chronic cracks and much more.

The nozzle is designed so that high-frequency current oscillations are bounced off the inside of the nozzle surface and form a "plasma halo" on the nozzle surface. Thus, the treatment is carried out on the skin surface without damaging the epidermis.

With the help of the procedure, you can accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, fight acne and bacterial infections, reduce and stop inflammatory processes on the skin.

Plasma destroys the cellular adhesion molecules, which allows the drugs to penetrate deeply and quickly. All creams, gels, serums that are applied to the face, using a plasma shower, penetrate deeply and become more effective.
Lactation period
Mental disorders
Autoimmune diseases

Acute period of infectious diseases, increased body temperature
As well as a pacemaker, Holter ECG monitor, Holter blood pressure monitor, or other implanted electrical devices
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